Frequent Asked Questions! 
  • What's a GIF?

    A GIF used to be one of those fugly, gaudy, blinky and offensive graphics used on websites back in the 90s when you were probably using Netscape Navigator.

    Today, they are what makes the internet great. Short, looping video clips of people being fun/stupid/silly/awesome.

  • What's the difference between a GIF Booth and a Photo Booth?

    Our regular photo booth takes 3 photos and then prints them out on a photo strip.

    Our GIF Booth takes a quick burst of photos and turns them in to a 2-3 second looping clip. The clip can then be shared to your phone, email and/or social media.

  • OK, but does your GIF Booth print photos?

    In respond to the many requests received, not only can you send these images and GIFS immediately to your phone, but you can now get your photo printed! For just an additional $199, you can now take those memories with you right after your image has been taken! These photos are 4x6 prints and will also have the logo of your event on there as well! When choosing to add printing to your package, an associate will have to be hired for your event to ensure everything will continue to run smoothly!

  • Can we brand our GIF or put our name on it?

    Yep. You sure can.

  • How are GIFs shared?

    Once a guest makes their GIF, they will immediately have the option to share it to their phone via SMS or email. From there, they get a link to a micro-site where they can view the GIF and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or download it).

  • Do you have props?

         Yes & No. We've found that people tend to have more fun when not all preoccupied with choosing which silly hat to wear. The

         OMGif keeps your guests inventive all on their own and you'll laugh later when you see what they come up with! You are

         welcome to provide your own! Or we can provide some for $99!

  •  What are your travel fees?

        Since OMGif Booth is based out of Orland Park, IL, we can offer associates to travel to your wedding if it is within a 25 miles

          radius of us! But there shouldn’t be any worries! If you find that your event is outside that mark, we are willing to ship the booth

          to you for your event for an additional $99! We will provide you with an instruction video on how to quickly and easily piece it

          together and you can then have it for the whole weekend for the same price of $499!

  •  ​Do I need an associate at my event?

          Yes & no! The OMGIF Booth is known to be a very self efficient photo-booth! Guests are able to walk right up to it, take their

          photo or GIF, text it to themselves, and continue to enjoy the party! When booking your OMGif Booth, you may choose to have an

          associate assisting with running the booth for the night or you can choose to let it run on its own! If you feel that you don’t need

          an associate working the booth for your event, you can have the photo booth from the start of your cocktail hour all the way until

          the end of your reception for the same price! The booth would simply be dropped off and set up and then picked up later that

          night! (If choosing to add printing, an associate would have to be present for your event!)

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